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Is it Legal to Backup on an Expressway?

Answer: No, it is not legal to backup on an expressway or freeway.

Of course it isn’t legal to to in reverse while on an expressway. If you are asking this question, you may need to watch this video clip below.

Why isn’t it legal? Because you are much more likely to cause an accident and you are endangering yourself and others. No person driving on a freeway is expecting another car to be traveling in reverse. Freeways are designed for high-speed travel in one direction, obviously.

Oh no, did you pass your exit? Then exit the next one, genius. Do not try and put your car in reverse while on an expressway. Just exit the freeway at the nearest exit and use surface streets or an on-ramp to reach your destination.

It is important to always follow traffic laws and pay attention to your surroundings while driving, especially on freeways where motorists may be driving 70-90mph.

Also, if you had to Google to ask if it is legal to put your car in reverse while on a freeway, I have a question for you. Did you eat paint chips as a child?






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